Why you should fill you company with athletes (

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In Denmark, many companies are hesitating about hireing athletes/top athletes or people with the traits of an athlete. Why? Too competetive is often the answer. 

Having a background in sports (first ballet for 17 years, now weightlifting and CrossFit) and having finished my law studies in 2002, I’ve been working for quite a few years at this point in high positions as a lawyer/legal counsel. If I were to hire a new employee in my department, I would for sure hire someone with the traits of an athlete as mentioned in the grat article by David K. Williams, “Why you should fill you company with athletes”.



The traits of athletes are as follows:

1. They have the drive to practice a task rigorously, relentlessly, and even in the midst of failure until they succeed

2. Athletes achieve their goals

3. Athletes develop new skills

4. Athletes are exceptional entrepreneurs

5. Athletes strive for balance

6. Athletes work well with partners and in teams

Due to the tremendous popularity of this post, David and Mary have written further about how champion “athletes” succeed in their article “The 7 Secret Traits Of Enduring Champions” here.


One thought on “Why you should fill you company with athletes (

  1. Great article! I was a gymnast for several years and have now found crossfit. I definitely think the competitive drive both sports have provided me help in the workplace. Recently my friend and I started a Fitenss Apparel company called DrasticFIT. We make/design workout clothing geared towared intense workouts!

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