Guest blog: The Top 5 Supplements to Improve Your Fitness



As someone who has high interest in fitness and getting and staying in shape you are probably more than interested in learning more about the top 5 supplements that are best for you. More than this, you might be seeking out those supplements that provide long lasting benefits as well.

Let’s get started and quickly learn what top grade supplements or vitamin solutions might provide the body the best multiple benefits! You well be surprised at what some of these can do for you.

#1 Whey Protein Supplement

Many of those in the fitness world have become deeply educated on the benefits of 100% whey protein. The best formulas are those that are less than 6 grams of carbs and less than 3 grams of sugar but high in protein and other vitamins and minerals. Of course, you’ll find that there are numerous brands.

The goal is in determining which brand of whey protein will suit your body style and metabolism the most. Now, depending upon whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, an Isolate formula is normally one of the more favored here. However, at night, before bedtime a Casein Whey protein is preferred because it allows the body to have something to digest and gain energy from while you sleep. This will prevent the body from turning to muscle for energy when at rest.

It is also important to understand that not every whey protein is equal either. Some might have more sugar in them than others. If this is something you want to avoid then you should always check the ingredients. You can purchase those that are “lactose free,” others that are “soy based,” and yet others that are “creatine based”. It is the consumers’ choice but always remember that it is the 100% Whey protein blends you’re after.

#2 Multivitamin Product

A multivitamin can provide your body with just the right dose of minerals and nutrients. Now, if you have a vitamin absorption issue then taking a multivitamin by mouth might allow your body a chance to acquire what it needs for proper energy and immune support.

Those multivitamin formulas that claim to aid in metabolic functioning and bone protection are good choices but you have to be sure they are legitimate. There are many copycats on the market. A little background research before investing your money can promise a satisfying result.

How you shop for and purchase your multivitamin is actually determined by your own bodily needs. There are specific vitamins and nutrients (such as Vitamin D) that your body must have to function optimally. Now, Iron is another essential nutrient necessary for a healthy life.

Calcium, dietary fiber, and potassium are all recommended by the FDA if an individual is going to improve and safeguard their health. These are the main ideas to keep in mind when shopping for your multivitamin, and of course it depends on your gender and age too!

#3 Creatine Supplements

Now, as with any supplement, creatine comes in many forms. This can be in a capsule, in a liquid, or even in a powder form to be put in smoothies. Creatine Monohydrate 100% pure seems to be one of the most preferred among those in the fitness world, though everything comes with some drawback.

This one does appear to increase muscle strength and energy while also providing 5000 mg to fuel those muscle cells for health and enhancement. This one also is the perfect choice to blend with any sports drink or other supplemental liquid. There

are no consistency issues with Monohydrate Creatine formula. This is believed to support natural muscle strength and improve on it in the safest means possible.

#4 Fish Oil Supplement

Fish oil supplements of top quality not only improve cardiovascular and general circulatory health but they are ideal for joint health. Taking them twice daily can protect the joints and ensure that the synovial fluid in most joints stays effective to protect the bones and minimize joint issues.

There are many top brands that are worthwhile. Now, if you are worried about the burb issue and the fish taste that comes with it there are fish oil supplements that don’t create this problem. Further, you have to decide between economical and those which are most effective but most expensive. Reading fish oil reviews can help you come to the right decision.

Some recommend a Norwegian fish oil supplement because they have the highest Omega 3’s. However, there are even economic brands that hold the same kind of quality. Simply educating yourself can ensure you end up with the top supplement.

#5 BCAA Benefits

A proper BCAA can guarantee higher energy performance and increased fat burning if you’re goal is to get your fat index down. Those that help promote branched amino acids are ideal. The human body can’t produce these on its own but they are also critical for optimal functioning at the same time.

A high grade BCAA will improve your concentration and improve your health at the same time. Some studies have found that a proper BCAA supplement can possibly minimize the risk of Lou Gehrig’s disease. In order to determine what you think will be the best for you—you should do as always recommended. Do some background and research and then discover what works just best for you.


Kevin Barry

CreatineHQ is your number one source for creatine supplement information. The goal of CreatineHQ is to educate about the supplement creatine and what it can do for your bodybuilding and fitness goals.


3 thoughts on “Guest blog: The Top 5 Supplements to Improve Your Fitness

  1. Supplements can aid your fitness efforts and can help reach your goals faster. Keep eating healthy with regular exercise and boost your efforts with health supplements. Thanks for listing out the top 5 to help boost our fitness training.

  2. It is also important to understand that not every whey protein is equal either. Some might have more sugar in them than others.

  3. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but good topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.

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