Blair Morrison: Fitness Is… Optional (

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Blair Morrison is a dear friend of ours, used to study in Europe and reminds us about CrossFit back in the old days, where there were very few CrossFit boxes in Europe, where the CrossFit Games were held in Aromas and people in Europe travelled a lot just to train/compete.

Good memories!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denmark soon, Blair!

/Ditte & Sarah

Do not miss out on his article “Fitness Is…. Optional” Great stuff!

Remember this: Fitness doesn’t start Monday. Or any other day for that matter. It started the day you were born and will continue until the day you die. It’s an accumulation of moments and choices that require your constant vigilance and attention. Whether you live a life wrought with disease, discomfort, and immobility or one full of opportunity, strength, and vitality are direct products of these moments and choices. Don’t believe me? Keep eating sandwiches on wheat and hitting the snooze the next thirty years and tell me how you feel. Maybe you’ll re-consider your options and knock the dust off that stack of hoodies.

Read the entire article here:


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