Stay on track: Don’t let Christmas ruin a whole year of training

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December is upon us and with it lot’s of social events that often involve (plenty of) fatty food and time away from the gym…. This is part of the Christmas tradition and off course you should indulge and spend quality time with family and friends. But don’t completely give up on yourself. It’s easy to throw away a lot of training with a few weeks of inactivity, and you’ll regret this in January 🙂 With a good strategy, it should be possible to stay on the right track all the way through December.

This is what you might consider doing:

1. Schedule your training for the whole month

Make sure that you add more training sessions, than you hope to go through with. Plan on 10% extra, then you’ll have a little room for unexpected events. Make a list and put it somewhere visible.

2. Learn to say “no”

It’s okay to pass on the cookies the second time around. Don’t eat something that you don’t feel like eating to spare the chef’s feelings. Instead take a little bit and enjoy it. Make sure to give detalied compliments that show that you actually tasted the food (comment on spices, texture etc) –  that is a much nicer show of appreciation than mindlessly stuffing your face.

3. Get an ally (or several allies)

TRAINING BUDDIES – we can’t emphasize their importance enough! Having an actual agreement with someone will increase the likelyhood of you going to the gym. Christmas is also a nice ‘excuse’ to train with new people. What about inviting your family members to the gym /out for a jog before the christmas dinner ? Or you could arrange for a nice CrossFit or yoga session with collegaues before the annual christmas party. Getting active together is a nice way of socializing (and it leaves you with way fewer hang-overs than booze).

Enjoy + Have fun!

Sarah & Ditte


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