9 Reasons Why CrossFitters Are Better Lovers (WOD Talk)

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Ditte & Sarah

  1. Conditioning: This is a fundamental reason. CrossFit is a demanding sport so it requires stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination. These are all attractive attributes in the bedroom, as well. Duh! Also, CrossFit results in better cardio-vascular conditioning. This means that the blood flows properly. How quickly blood can flow to the heart, muscle or region is what determines peak performance, be it sexual or muscular.

  2. Confidence: Because CrossFit can be intimidating at first, it requires a measure of confidence to simply walk into a box. With increased physical conditioning comes increased confidence. With increased confidence comes increased body awareness, which is likely to lead to increased libido or sexual desire.

  3. Practice: CrossFitters live by practice makes perfect. They have learned to move their bodies with purpose and grace and that came by practice. In CrossFit, bad positioning or form leads to a failed movement and can ultimately lead to injury, hence why CrossFitters practice over and over for correct form and positive results. (we hate to be down for the count!)See how this can be beneficial in the bedroom?!

  4. Loves Food: CrossFitters love to eat and appreciate food. They tend to be choosy about the food they eat and savor it. Eating and lovemaking are both primal and sensual experiences, meant to take time with, ergo…if we like what’s on the menu, we will take the time to enjoy it

  5. Coffee and Chocolate lovers:  A large portion of the CrossFit community, follow a Paleo or semi-Paleo diet. Two common “cheats” in Paleo are chocolate and coffee with real cream. A neurologist in Chicago did a taste study concluding that “coffee lovers tend to be dramatic, seductive and flirtatious” so if your mate is quick to order espresso, you may be in for a wild ride! A sexologist with a PhD did a flavor study and concluded that chocolate lovers are creative, charming, seductive, extroverted, and enjoy intimacy.

  6. Gets Physical: Even though CrossFit is a solo sport, (unless you are competing as a team) CrossFitters tend to be people who are comfortable slappin’ high fives with people they have just met. If you have ever buddy carried someone at the end of a WOD, all sweaty, and didn’t even hesitate, then you can pretty much guarantee they are less inhibited than the average person. While travelling, I visited a box in NY, and high-fived and fist-bumped the others in my class after we finished the WOD. Did I know them? No. Was it strange to do that to total strangers? No. Why? Because they just went through the same difficult workout that I did and we all finished it and were psyched out of our minds that we did well! It just felt natural to share that positive emotion with a physical gesture rather than an awkward, downward glance as we walked away. In conclusion, CrossFitters tend to not get uptight when someone touches them. Therefore, we aren’t awkward when someone we DO want to get physical with gets touchy/feely.

  7. Social: CrossFitters talk about every subject imaginable. It usually has to do with the WOD, yesterday’s WOD, tomorrow’s WOD, the WOD we were recovering from 3 days ago, or the WOD we hope to do the following week. Other times the subjects are random and can cover just about anything. When you go through a brutal WOD with a group of people, barriers come down naturally and conversations get interesting. If one can talk openly in a non-sexual situation, imagine how interesting it can become in a private conversation when their likes and dislikes really count!!

  8. Physique Mystique: CrossFitters have an admiration for the human body. Subtle changes that go unnoticed by most are celebrated by CrossFitters. We find muscles beautiful. What some may call too thick or too wiry, too heavy or too thin, we find incredibly sexy. In essence, we appreciate the work people put into their bodies. What magazines call “perfection” means nothing, as anyone can be good with an airbrush. CrossFitters appreciate the journey from where one started to where they are headed because it’s the effort that’s attractive.

  9. Post WOD Massage Therapy: Before you scoff at this, just read. A very high percentage of CrossFitters routinely get massages. This is due to the strenuous, repetitive movements and massages help work out trigger points and alleviate soreness. Getting professional massages is good for recovery for any sport actually, not just CrossFit. One must learn to be comfortable with their body, even if they aren’t happy with their body, to let a masseuse, which is more often than not a stranger, touch a good portion of it. Let’s be honest here; most people hate their body, but they love the feeling of a massage! Why? Because it is relaxing, and relaxation is the name of the game here.

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