14 Ways to Improve your Health and Performance in 2014

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Even though you should take steps every day towards improving your health, there’s something about a new calendar year that provides a ‘clean sheat’ and some extra motivation! Why not use the New Year as an excuse to treat yourself even better in 2014 than you did in 2013? Here’s 14 ideas that you are more than welcome to steal. 

Happy New Year! Sarah & Ditte

1. Learn to cook

It will make healthy eating more delicious, inspiring and fun! (Plus it will save you a lot of money on pre-made, store-bought solutions)

2. Get your training organized

Depending on your level (and temper) – this could mean anything from getting a notebook to creating a full-blown excel inferno of information. The important thing is that you track your progress.

3. Invest in your health!

Make a budget that includes room for all the little extra expenses associated with healthy living (organic vegetables, new kitchen hardware like juicers etc, massage-therapy, supplements — the list is long). Remember that it can be expensive to live ‘naturally’ 🙂

4. Set some long-term goals

Why not check for relevant competitions and/or meets already now? Select 3 important goals, write them down, and remind yourself everyday!

5. Read more books and articles

Knowledge is KING. Do yourself a favor and get all the basics of health and performance sorted out. Avoid the easy-read self-help books and self-proclaimed gurus. Go for REAL books based on science and scientific articles. It will help you navigate through all the bull-shit of the fitness industry.

6. Plan to spend more time with the people that you love (make them come to the gym if you have to!)

This should be self-explicatory

7. Make sure that you actually plan your recovery

Don’t wait until your body gives up. Plan your rest days (and weeks). Schedule regular check-ups and treatments if you can afford it.

8. Take active part in a (healthy) community

Because nothing is better for staying motivated

9. Remember your mental health and well-being

Why not make 2014 the year where you hire a mental coach and get on top of your game? Negative thoughts will drain your energy levels and reflect badly on your physical state.

10. Be an inspiration

Do something nice for others – send out positive energy – KARMA baby!

11. Take care of those “lurking” injuries once and for all

Something that you know you’ll need to fix eventually – Do it now!! Before it sets you back several months or years of training.

12. Re-decorate your bedroom

Make sure that you have the perfect environment for a loooong nights sleep. Sleep is the ultimate boost for recovery and the immune system. Go for dark curtains, minimal disturbances and clean, crisp linen. Mmm…!

13. Make sure that your are active – EVERY DAY

Here in Denmark we have a tendency to bike everywhere – the perfect way to get a little exercise – everyday!

14. Remember that YOU ARE AWESOME!

Never lose trust in yourself – you can do it! Now go and have an ass-kicking 2014!!




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