CrossFit for the “Unfit” CrossFitter (Tabata Times)

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When I tell people that I CrossFit, I see that little look of disbelief, that “you??”, flash in their eyes. It’s gone quickly enough, and luckily I haven’t yet come across anyone rude enough to say it out loud.

I’m your quintessential CrossFit struggler – pooped by the warmup run, scaled back to the bar, last one to call “time.”

But I’m not offended; I know I don’t look like the mainstream portrayal of a CrossFitter – the hot chick who rocks booty shorts or the pumped up bloke who is ex-military or a firefighter. A quick glance at YouTube or the latest “Dirty Little Secret” media story would have everyone believe that CrossFit is the sole domain of the super-fit and super-strong, and as a plump yet weak 76kg (167lb) middle-aged mum, I do not come anywhere near close to matching up with this mental image.

To everyone outside of the CrossFit community I’m an anomaly. But if you’ve ever been to a box, you know the truth: People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels do CrossFit, love CrossFit and live CrossFit.


One thought on “CrossFit for the “Unfit” CrossFitter (Tabata Times)

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