Must read article: All About Dietary Displacement

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Great article about a very overlooked subject! 

“Have you ever known someone who skips out on a salad with greens, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, beans, sunflower seeds and flax vinaigrette in order to budget their calories for the scone and Frappucino splurge at Starbucks later that evening?

Welcome to the land of negative dietary displacement. It’s when someone skips out on healthy eats and displaces them with non-nutritious foods.

But even with this displacement, who really cares? I mean, as long as calories are balanced we’ll be just fine, right?

Not necessarily. Negative dietary displacement generally leads to:

  • rebound over-eating
  • lack of satiety
  • atrocious nutrient intake
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low energy levels
  • increased body fat

In other words, you feel crummy, you don’t look your best, and on top of that — you’re still hungry! Bummer.


“If we skip breakfast, get really hungry, and then pick up candy, chips and soda at the gas station – we’ll have a candy, chip and soda body to show for it. However, if we first ate real, nutritious food and then enjoyed a treat, we’d be able to regulate our appetite and make smart decisions.

It’s time to start displacing the poorer food selections from your menu with better ones — instead of the opposite. Eat enough nutritious stuff first. And if you desire a less-than-nutritious food option, have the nutritious one beforehand, and then see how you feel.”

Read the full article here:


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