The Secret to a Bulletproof Antidoping Test? (article from NY times)

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Interesting article from the NY times! The future of drug testing could potentially lie in the genes (or more specifically in the RNA).

A must read for anybody interested in the science behind ‘clean’ sports.

From the article:

“…Cheating is as much about not getting caught as it is about winning, and in sports that’s made for an escalating arms race between athletes and regulators. Athletes find a way to boost their performance, the doping police devise a test to nab them and the dopers respond with ever more sophisticated ways to evade detection…”

” The results showed unique fluctuations in more than 100 RNA sequences in the doped blood (…) Hit with a dose of EPO, the body responds by turning up or down the expression of certain genes. Some fragments of RNA were 16 times more plentiful in the doped blood…”

Read the whole thing here:


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