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Here’s a great article on Pat Barbers journey towards the 2014 Games season!

Last year, qualification for the CrossFit Games came down to a race between Barber and Marcus Filly in the final regional event. Filly entered the event with 52 points to Barber’s 53 points. Barber had to finish ahead of Filly by one placing on the final to tie. Four minutes and 35 seconds into the couplet of rope climbs and heavy squat cleans, Filly stepped onto the finish mat. Barber followed five seconds later.

“Granted, I wish things would have gone differently, but it is what it is. You can’t think back on this stuff and regret it,” Barber said.


Since last spring, Barber has turned his attention to 2014. He has been working on weaknesses, and not all of that time has been spent at the box.

 “Recently, I’ve been working with a sports psychologist, and I have a much better mental grip on what is going on,” he said.
“If I’m thinking a ton during each workout, each movement, each rep, it’s hard,” he added. “If I’m thinking about the guy next to me, the clock, the future and what this means for my family, then I just get crushed. It’s terrible.”
Now, he lets the workout just be a workout. He focuses on the task and not the implications.

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