Easy recipe: Chocolate Protein Granola

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Maple Pecan Granola 500

This is a very simple recipe that I like to use for a healthy and protein-rich(er) breakfast.

Ingredients (you can mix and match as you like, I usually just use what is in the kitchen). For those of you who are still on the whole Paleo-thing you can leave out the oats 🙂

Here is what I used:

– Whole rolled oats

– Dried figs

– Dried raisins

– Hazelnuts

– Sesame seeds

Mix all the “dry” stuff together in a bowl.

Place a large pan over medium heat, and put in a couple of large tablespoons of peanut butter. Let it melt a little, then it will be easier to combine with the rest.

Mix 1-2 cups of water with a good chocolate-flavored protein powder. I used Progenex, as it is easy to dissolve in water. This should be a quite concentrated paste, and definitely much thicker than a normal protein shake. Add to the peanut butter in the pan.

Combine the dry ingredients and the peaunut-butter protein mixture in the pan. Make sure that everything is mixed really well. Leave it over the heat while stirring, until the mixture is no longer “wet” aka when the oats have taken up the protein mixture.

Leave to dry completely on a sheet of baking paper.

I find that most protein powders have enough sweetness in them, so I don’t add any sweetener. But you could add some stevia … or dare I say …. honey! Anyway, it is sweet enough as is for my taste.

I like to eat it on top of skyr – but you can also use greek yoghurt or anything of that kind.

Enjoy! – Ditte


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