Nice article: Body Image and Bodyweight in Weightlifting

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I saw this article posted on Facebook. Being both CrossFitter and weightlifter, I can recognize the thoughts about weigh-in versus performance vs self-image. I think that most women are conscious about how they look and what they weigh. Personally, I have chosen not to have a scale at home. – Ditte

From the article written by Jessica Salvaggio 

Like most women, my weight fluctuates. Unlike the majority of women, I compete in a sport with weight classes. What I weigh and how much I lift determine how successful I am in this sport. When I eat the same consistently and still fluctuate, it causes some conflict with competition. Some days I’m 61kg and some days I’m 57kg. I’ve always struggled with the decision between cutting weight and not feeling as good at the competition or moving up a weight class and having the disadvantage of being smaller than most of my competitors. Decisions are stressful, so lately I’ve been deciding on the fly.

Read the full article here:


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