Healthy “buns” for your lunch box (very easy recipe)

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In Denmark, there’s new item emerging at the supermarkets – the “Paleo bread mixture”. While I don’t care to much for paleo, they form a great basis for some delicious small breads that are easy to bring along.

If you can’t find the pre-made bread mixture it’s very easy to make your own, just mix 500 grams of seeds and nuts!

Enjoy! – Ditte


500 g seeds and nuts or 1/2 pack ‘paleo or low-carb’ bread mixture.

3 small/medium eggs

1/2 dl olive oil

A pinch of salt

Bake in a non-stik muffin tray with room for 8 large ‘muffins’ for 55 mins at 160 degrees celsius.


For a nice sweet bun try adding:

1-2 teaspoons of mixed spice + a handful of apricots


50 g dark chocolate (80%) and a handful of pecan nuts  


One thought on “Healthy “buns” for your lunch box (very easy recipe)

  1. Jeg følger ivrigt med på bloggen 🙂

    Jeg er selv stifter af en nytænkende yogablog, som måske ville være noget for dig?

    Kh Cathrine Koefoed 🙂

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