Expanded Livestreaming for Regionals

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Go to for complete Regional coverage each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There are several ways to take in all the action, whether it’s breaking news or in-depth coverage you’re looking for.

Live Streaming from 14 Regions

Every heat from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon from Regionals in the United States, Europe, Australia and Canada will be streamed live to

If you are focused on one region and don’t want to miss a thing, you can follow the live action from each venue on the region’s web stream. The final heats in each region will feature enhanced coverage including live local commentary, analysis and interviews with the winners.

If you would rather follow the worldwide action in one place, tune into in the late morning to view a running show, which features only the final heats from each region in one continuous stream. Host Sean Woodland and analysts Pat Sherwood, Rory McKernan, Matt Chan, Miranda Oldroyd and Nicole Christensen will preview the events, highlight top Games contenders and discuss trending topics from around the globe.

Note that this year the team competition will wrap up each morning before the men’s and women’s events begin.

Social Media

Bonus coverage will be available through the CrossFit Games Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts

The CrossFit Games Facebook page will feature breaking news, top stories and galleries from each of the active regions.

Each region’s Twitter page will issue play-by-play, score updates and other essential information close to real time.

The CrossFit Games Instagram page will share everything from video clips of the heaviest one-rep-max snatches to exclusive photos from behind the scenes at the venue.


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