Is training to failure necessary? Interesting article.

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Stumbled across this interesting article on the blog training, which sums up a study done published in 2006. The study basically compares 2 training groups – 1 group is performing the maximum amount of reps possible (for instance 10 reps at their 10RM) and the other group perform the same volume, but breaks the work into multiple, shorter sets (for instance 5 reps at their 10RM). Which training protocol is superior? The answer, according to this particular study, is none of the above. Or put in another way, the end results are quite similar.

If you are interested, check out the article here to see more:

Personally, I think that it is interesting and worth noting that you can get legit results without pushing the body to a point where you compromise form grossly. Especially when it comes to strength training – factors such as the overall volume and tonnage greatly influence on the outcome. Don’t just go for the feeling of “burning out”.  – Ditte


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