Videos, results and blogs from Danish CrossFit Open 2010

We’ll link to all the links to videos and blogs from Danish CrossFit Open 2010 under this post.

See the videos and photos here:

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Post Danish CrossFit Open 2010

See Blair Morrison’s video here:

Read Blair Morrisons blog and his impressions from Danish CrossFit Open 2010 here.

Results and WODs


  1. Blair Morrison, 18 pts
  2. Frederik Aegidius, 20 pts
  3. Rasmus Andresen, 22 pts


  1. Sarah Troelsen, 9 pts
  2. Emma Bengtsson, 10 pts
  3. Ditte Jacobsen, 13 pts

Starting out with 26 male athletes and 5 female athletes. These are the events for the Danish CrossFit Open 2010:


Max rounds in 10 min of:
– 20 virtual shovel (40kg men/25 kg women)
– 10 box jumps
– 1 rope climb (~5 m / ~16.5 ft)

Score: number of reps


– Row 500 meters
– Max rep bodyweight backsquat

Time cap is 2:30 for men and 3:00 for women. Score is number of backsquat reps.

Bottom 6 male atheletes are cut (i.e. 20 left).


1 rep max deadlift

The athletes have 8 min. Score is kilos of heaviest completed lift.

Bottom 8 male atheletes are cut (i.e. 12 left).


15 rounds for time of:
– Power snatch
– Overhead squat
– Behind-the-neck thruster
– Jumping squat
– Behind-the-neck thruster

Bottom 6 male atheletes are cut (i.e. 6 left for the finals).

Weight is 50 kg for men, 30 kg for women. Score is time.


3 rounds for time of:
– 500m row
– 21 kettlebell swing (32 kg men / 24 kg women)
– 15 burpees

Score is time.

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My thoughts on DCO 2010

                                                                                                          I thought I’d just share some of the thoughts that have been keeping me up the last couple of nights (together with my boyfriends’ snoring) … 2 days to go, and I’m really starting to feel the nerves – but in a good way! 

What I’m most nervous about:

– The weigh-in : I’m afraid it’s going to favor the light girls a lot!! At least, at 70 kilos, I know it’s not going to work in my favor.

– The point system: Because we are so few ladies, its going to meen that every second will count – and it’s going to get nasty (and really close).

– The television showing up and exposing my weaknesses 😉

Exercises that I really wish for:

Push jerk/split jerk: Any variation of kilos and/or reps !! Bring them !!


Handstand pushups

Heavy, heavy powercleans or hang powercleans in a timed WOD.

Snatch “middle – weight”

What I really rather not see in any events! :

– Muscle ups: because I simply can’t do them

– Ring dips: I got them, but very few at a time!

– Pushups: doing more than 70 will make me really tired …

– Heavy backsquat or fullsquat cleans in a 1 RM setup. Need I say why?

My ambition:

To complete all 5 events within the timeframe!

To have a great time and support my “boys” from CTC Køge !!

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Count down to Danish CrossFit Open 6 FEB 2010

Danish CrossFit Open 2010 is just around the corner!

We are both compeeting and looking forward to a challenging day.

Athlete profiles:

Read more about the athletes here.

Latest updates:

27 JAN: “10 days to Danish CrossFit Open 2010”

30 JAN: “1 week til Danish CrossFit Open 2010”

1 FEB: “5 days to Danish CrossFit Open 2010″

2 FEB: “4 days to Danish CrossFit Open 2010”

3 FEB: “3 days to Danish CrossFit Open 2010”

Where and when

Location: CrossFit Copenhagen, Griffenfeldsgade 7A, 2200 København N

Time: 8:45 AM – 6 PM

Programme: 5 events with multible heats in the most events.