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Are you a CrossFit snob?


Most CrossFit athletes are extremely passionate about their personal journey and experience with this fantastic fitness regimen. However, passion can sometimes blur our vision; our rationality takes a back seat to our emotions. It’s difficult to harness matters of the heart, so sometimes CrossFit fanatics can take their love a little too far. CrossFit should be about expanding our community, not turning people off with an abrasive demeanor.

To be sure you’re not coming off as a CrossFit snob, here are some bad-attitude indicators by Abi Reiland, Co-Owner/Trainer, CrossFit 8035:

Good read!

Have a great week!

Ditte & Sarah


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Casall AW collection 2014


It’s finally here, the new collection from Casall!

Update your training wardrobe here:

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Friendship and competition in sports

Ditte & Christian

This Saturday, my best friend in the world and co-owner of this blog, Ditte, got married to Christian.

While writing my speech to Ditte, I gave friendship and competition quite some thought.

The combination of sports and friendship can be a nasty combination, and I’m forever thankful that Ditte and I have managed to stay true friends who want the best for one another both in life and in competition. It sounds simple, but is really unique to me!

Congrats on your big day, Ditte & Christian!



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Summer time! Stay hydrated to keep pushing hard!


Right now, summer is at it’s highest (even in Denmark) and if you are very active you have a higher risk of dehydration. This is of great importance not only for your wellbeing, but also for your performance in the gym.

A decrease in body water from normal levels (often referred to as dehydration or hypohydration) provokes changes in cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, metabolic, and central nervous function that become increasingly greater as dehydration worsens. Similarly, performance impairment often reported with modest dehydration (e.g., -2% body mass) is also exacerbated by greater fluid loss. Dehydration during physical activity in the heat provokes greater performance decrements than similar activity in cooler conditions, a difference thought to be due, at least in part, to greater cardiovascular and thermoregulatory strain associated with heat exposure. There is little doubt that performance during prolonged, continuous exercise in the heat is impaired by levels of dehydration > or = -2% body mass, and there is some evidence that lower levels of dehydration can also impair performance even during relatively short-duration, intermittent exercise (like CrossFit!). For references check out:

Our best tip – invest in some nice, healthy (meaning without phthalates!) drinking bottles and always keep one in your training bag! Also fill the fridge at home will plenty of glass bottles with water, so that you have enough cold water at hand… For an extra delicious twist, add slices of lemon or lime or fresh mint leaves.






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No excuses! 10 WOD ideas that’ll take from 2 to 40 mins… with and without equipment!


Sometimes you have a full saturday off to spend in the gym and sometimes you only have time for a quick morning session at home before you hit the shower. Nevertheless, if you are serious about maintaining a healthy and strong body, you should always make workouts a priority. To help you get in the mood, we have gathered some nice workout suggestions for whatever time (or location) you have available 🙂

2 min wod @ the gym

2 min amrap:

Powersnatch, 60/40 kg


2 min wod @ home

50 burpees for time (scale to 40 for beginners and opt for approximately 2 mins)


7 min wod @ the gym

Heavy fran


Thrusters 60/40 kg

C2B pull-ups (or bar MU if you are really advanced!)


7 min wod @ home

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps of:

Boxjumps (use a bench outside) or do step-ups




12 min wod @ the gym

12 min amrap of ‘Nate’

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand-pushups


12 min wod @ home

12 min amrap


800 m run

then, in the remaining time amrap of:

5 burpees

10 pistols (alternating legs)

15 sit-ups (any style)


20 min wod @ the gym

20 min amrap of “the Seven”:

7 Handstand push-ups

7 Thrusters, 60/40 kg

7 Knees to elbows

7 Deadlifts, 110/75 kg

7 Burpees

7 Kettlebell swings, 24/16 kg

7 Pull-ups


20 min wod @ home

5 rounds of

400 min run

20 push-ups (in rounds 1,3,5) or 20 burpees (rounds 2,4)


40 min wod @ the gym OR at home:


For time:
1 mile Run (1600 m)
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run (1600 m)

If you don’t have a  pull-up rack close by your home, you can do 100 sit-ups instead …

If it is too “easy” – wear a weighted vest 🙂

Enjoy, Sarah & Ditte